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Ajini is a fashion and lifestyle brand providing women's clothing and accessories.  Ajini designs embody a global aesthetic combining easily recognized fabrics and motifs that celebrate cultures from around the world. 

In these original designs, you can expect to see a marriage of cultures; Yoruba Adire with British tweed, Scottish Plaid with Ankara, Japanese Shibori with Dutch Wax Prints.

The Ajini client loves to travel and wishes to take a little piece of her travels with her everywhere she goes.  

Ajini's founder, Folake Vining is inspired by the beautiful colors of African textiles from her childhood and is an avid lover of vintage and unusual fabrics collected from traveling around the world.  Ajini launched the first Spring/Summer collection in 2017. 

Our Philosophy

Through our products, we hope to bring together cultures from around the world in beautiful harmony.  We hope you will find yourself reaching for your Ajini pieces over and over again.

We want to hear from you.  You can reach us at or on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram @ajinistyle.